Staff Directory



Administrative Staff

101   Frederick Newton  President & CEO

107   Paul Yates   Director of Operations

137   Ben Sullivan,LADCI, Director of Behavioral Health

104   Steven Kelly, LADCII,   Program Supervisor & Supportive Housing Coordinator

102   Renee Kelly   Business Manager

126   Daniel Blythe Office Manager

109   Chris Jepson, LCSW,  Clinical Director

138   Amy Blanaru, LMHC,  Clinical Supervisor

129   Stephanie Freedman, LMHC,  Clinical Supervisor


132   Alan Ambrose,  Substance Abuse Counselor

133   Maria Anziani, Substance Abuse Counselor

111   Monica Gerstel   Substance Abuse Counselor

109   Chris Jepson, LSW   Clinical Director

136   Kayla Keirstead, Substance Abuse Counselor

135   Jo-Ann Nelson, Substance Abuse Counselor

114   Jay Nestor, LADCII, Intake Coordinator

119   Toby Piotrowski, Substance Abuse Counselor

131   Robert Rice

128   Mike Sousa, Substance Abuse Counselor


100   Liz Herrig, LICSW   Director of Outpatient Services

100   McKenzie Hanson, LCSW, Outpatient Clinician

123   Jenny Hurst, LCSW, Outpatient Clinician

105   Brian Tullos   Senior Outpatient Clinician

112   Kelly Jaggi, Outpatient Administrator

127   Bethany Mastrorilli, LCSW,   Senior Outpatient Clinician

130   Thaddieus Sarpy, MHC, Outpatient Clinician

105   Brian Tullos, LADCII,  Senior Outpatient Clinician