Phase I

At the outset of Phase I, clients are evaluated for special needs in the areas of housing, medical condition, job prospects and the like. A client may be referred to community programs and/or practitioners who have affiliation agreements with Hope House as a means to address various special needs. At the same time, the client begins a series of required, intensive daily sessions which include AA group and step meetings, education assemblies focused on such topics as health, Aids, HIV and small group gatherings focused on teaching communication skills, anger management and the role of spirituality in daily living.

Included in the Phase I program is the Structured Outpatient Addiction Program (SOAP). The SOAP Program is offered through Hope House Inc.’s Outpatient Department.  SOAP is a four-week intensive treatment program that provides group therapy and individual support.

Phase II

After completing the Phase I Program, all clients, if physically able, begin the search for full-time (30+ hours per week) employment. Clients who are unable to work are expected to attend house meetings and volunteer at a community agency at least 20 hours per week. As a condition of Phase II, nearly all clients with income must begin to pay a small program fee thus contributing to their living and treatment costs. Clients continue to attend group meetings and individualized treatment in the evening.

Phase III

Within 60 days of their admission to Hope House, clients must be working or volunteering. They continue to participate in weekly small groups meetings and step meetings. During Phase III, each client works with his case manager to prepare for life after Hope House, including finalizing plans for long term housing. Some clients transition into the Phase IV program, or to Hope House’s low-income supportive housing program or to , some return to their families, and others transition into other supportive housing arrangements.

Phase IV

A client may choose to select to continue their journey of Recovery by continuing to engage in supportive services offered by Hope House.  Phase 4 “The Graduate House” offers those residents who successfully complete the residential recovery program an opportunity to continue to build a strong community connection and individual foundation to their recovery.

A client can apply for admission to the Graduate Sober Community and be willing and motivated to continue to participate in services offered by Hope House.

Minimum admission requirements are:

  • Successfully completion of the Residential Program
  • Commitment to personal recovery and the Hope House Recovery Community
  • Willingness to continue to be engaged in all services provided including individual case management, outpatient therapy an in-house group meetings
  • Reference letter from their Residential Counselor plus one other staff member
  • Referral and sponsorship from current phase 4 resident
  • Gainfully employed or on SSI/SSDI volunteering in the community